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Know your options for dealing with a drunk driving case

The penalties for drunk driving in Minnesota are fairly harsh. Even on a first conviction, you are looking at a 90-day jail term, a fine of up to $1,000 or both. On top of the criminal penalties that you face, you also have to think about administrative penalties that start out at 90 days without your driving privileges.

You have options for your defense. Think about the case against you and figure out how you can introduce questions about those claims. Consider anything that could be used to show that your rights were violated.

Throughout your case, you must make choices. For example, you have the option of using an ignition interlock in lieu of a driver's license suspension on a first conviction or you can lose your license for 15 days and then have a provisional license for the other 75 days of the 90-day suspension.

We understand that you might not realize all of the options that you have in these cases. You might have questions about how each option will impact you. We can help you go over the options so you can make a decision about the direction of your defense.

Some drunk driving cases include other charges. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and are accused of being drunk, you might face charges for the crash and for the intoxication. Your defense has to shift from a basic DUI defense to one that encompasses each charge you face. We can help you work out a defense strategy even in a complex case like this.

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