Fight Back Against A Wrongful Conviction Or Imprisonment

"It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." - William Blackstone. Wrongful imprisonment is never an injustice you should have to live with.

Just because a judge convicts someone of a crime doesn't always mean they are guilty of a crime. Evidence and testimony can sometimes paint an unfair — and untrue — version of events, resulting in the conviction of a potentially innocent person.

Although wrongful conviction or wrongful imprisonment cases are rare in Minnesota, they can still happen, stealing years of a person's life, costing them their job and time away from their families. At Kaess Law, LLC, in St. Paul, we believe in getting justice right, not letting an innocent person serve time for a crime they didn't commit. If this means appealing a judge's decision, we accept the challenge.

Appealing A Wrongful Conviction

Some people may tell you that you can appeal a conviction because you don't like the judge's decision, but this isn't entirely true. Appeals are necessary when bad evidence, false testimony, misconduct or other things cause an innocent person to be wrongfully convicted of a crime.

At Kaess Law, LLC, we've handled cases at every point in the criminal justice process, including after judgments have been made. Attorney Ryan Kaess takes an aggressive approach to post-conviction appeals because he believes everyone deserves to tell their side of the story. He will look at all the evidence in your case, including new evidence, to determine if you have reasonable cause to file an appeal. He will then walk you through the process and fight for a resolution that is truly in your best interests.

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We Will Seek Compensation On Your Behalf

Law enforcement and the courts owe you more than just an apology for wrongful imprisonment. Your conviction may have cost you your job and years of your life. You deserve to be compensated for economic losses as well as noneconomic losses.

In Minnesota, people who are exonerated of a crime may be eligible for compensation under Minnesota Statutes 2016, §590.11, subpart 3. The amount of compensation awarded will depend on the circumstances of your case.

Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back

No person should ever have to live with a wrongful conviction on their criminal record nor should they be sent on their way after an exoneration with nothing more than an apology. This isn't justice.

If you have questions about filing an appeal for wrongful imprisonment or would like to seek compensation for a wrongful conviction, talk to the experienced defense lawyers at our firm.

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