Client Testimonials

"Hire this guy. He absolutely will have your best interests in mind and will fight till the bitter end for you. My advice is to hire him and put your trust in him. He'll take care of you! He certainly did for me! I'd strongly recommend Ryan Kaess." - Nick Kern

"I cannot express how impressed I am with Mr. Kaess and his staff in regards to the handling of my case. In the stressful nature of any hearing setting and ongoing custody issues, Mr. Kaess and his staff have put me at ease and were able to walk me through these days with support and professionalism. Today I am stress free and able to focus on the things that family. Thank you Mr. Kaess!!" - Paul Berish

"Honest and Professional. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr. Kaess and his associates. Throughout my case Mr. Kaess is honest in every aspect. He made himself available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the status and details/development of my case. Although I did not hear from Mr. Kaess often, but I felt that he did everything in his power to ensure this process went smoothly and comfortable as possible. I do recommend Mr. Kaess to family and friends." - Kat

 "This was my first time ever using an attorney and he came recommended. Ryan made sure I was heard and that my wishes for this process were followed. Ryan is GREATLY RESPECTED (and feared when needed) in the industry and this was obvious through the mediation process and contact with opposing counsel. Ryan's vast experience was apparent as he was able to correctly predict process paths and thoughts/decisions of others. Overall.......a brilliant, compassionate, aggressive attorney that I will continue to recommend to others." - SW

"Ryan is very thorough and comes prepared with all the facts for your case when he comes into the courtroom. He looks at all the evidence and facts from all perspectives while working diligently to get the best results for his clients. He is very professional but can be sort of a pitbull when he needs to be to get results & the answers needed from all parties while in the courtroom. I would absolutely recommend him to any friends and or family. Ryan won both my cases because of his knowledge and prepwork for both my cases." - Harley

"Mr. Kaess was on his game at all times. I trusted him completely, and slightly contrary to some other opinions, I didn't hear from him constantly, but I didn't WANT to. I wanted to know that he had everything under control and was going to get what I needed done, done - and there was never so much as a moment in which I felt doubt. I trusted him completely - with both my money and my case, and he delivered 100%. Although I hope I DON'T need him, I will never hire another attorney for any of my future legal needs." - Anonymous

"Ryan was very honest with me since the day I walked into his office (about the matter and the money involved with getting represented). I have been very satisfied with the many times he represented me in court and mediation. He always responded punctually to all of my questions and concerns. If I need anything in the future he would be my first call." - Anonymous

"Wonderful. He helped me save my Job. Great Lawyer." - Kevin