Don't Let A Theft Or Shoplifting Charge Ruin Your Future

A single conviction for theft or shoplifting, depending on the charge, could stay with a young person for the rest of their life, ruining future prospects in the process.

If your child was accused of shoplifting or stealing something, would you take every step necessary to defend their rights and make sure the criminal charges didn't show up on their record? Most parents would and for good reason. Criminal convictions can be incredibly detrimental to juveniles, resulting in rejections from colleges, financial institutions and landlords.

At Kaess Law, LLC, in St. Paul, we believe that juveniles should have the same access to quality legal counsel that adults do. We know the fear you and your child are experiencing as well as the help you need to protect your child's best interests. With help from seasoned defense attorney Ryan Kaess at your side, you won't need to face this challenge on your own.

Get Assistance With Any Theft Offense

Theft offenses are defined as crimes in which one person takes the property of another without their expressed permission and can include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Car jacking
  • Grand theft auto

While certain crimes, such as shoplifting, can constitute a misdemeanor, other theft offenses can be classified as felonies such as first-degree burglary. In Minnesota, a juvenile over the age of 14 but under the age of 18 can be tried as an adult for a felony offense. This not only escalates the penalties associated with the crime but how aggressive prosecutors will be during an investigation.

If you're the parent of a minor who has been accused of a theft offense, you need to act quickly to start building a strong defense. Prosecutors don't care how criminal convictions impact the lives of the accused, but our criminal defense lawyers do.

Are you can adult facing theft charges? We can help you too we don't discriminate based on age.

Guidance Toward Your Best Options

When it comes to protecting your child's future goals and best interests, you need to consider your options, specifically which one is best for the situation at hand.

When you work with attorney Ryan Kaess, you're putting decades of criminal law experience and a track record of success in your son or daughter's corner. He will inform your child of his or her rights, lay out their options and help them choose one that is in their best interests. He can also push for juvenile diversion to help keep criminal charges off your child's permanent record.

After a judge has made his or her decision in a case, we can also handle the process of getting your son or daughter's record sealed through an expungement — further protecting their future.

Get Strong Advocacy And Protection Today

If you or your child is facing criminal charges associated with a shoplifting or theft incident, talk to the experienced defense attorneys at Kaess Law, LLC, in St. Paul. We have the know-how you need get a favorable outcome. Call 651-204-2415 or send us an email to set up a free case evaluation.